About Jayesh

I help small-business to grow with a simple marketing.

Web Designer
Digital Marketer

Who am I ?

First of all, thank you!

You are curious and spreading five minutes of your life to know who I am.

Here I’m Jayesh Gadhave from Mumbai, India, and Yes! I also become a digital marketer accidentally but it was my need to run my successful cum failing startup.

A small story of mine so you will become my friend.

In the earlier stages of my life [when I was a teenager], I about to start live and knowing this beautiful world.

And then as being a part of an Indian family, as I grow [which no one likes too] the same my responsibility gets double.

I started my career [actually started to work] when I was in the 7th standard. I worked as a paperboy part-time. My first salary was 300 Rs. Per month and you won’t believe I was so happy and it was enough for me [At that time].

Eventually, everyone has to get older and bigger. Our brain gets smarter and too complex and then you realize thing has changed.

I was also a part of the RAT RACE and trying to get settled by doing a settled job.

If you are mature enough, then you know that no one will get settled here. It’s just our fear and greed.




Here is a journey of mine. Doesn’t know what was I’m doing.

It looks crazy, right?

But it helps me to get enough experience and to explore more and more in my field.

I’m also a

I’m a founder of JAYESH.CO and also a Co-Owner of my 2 loveable small businesses.

Dexpo [Designing & fabrication company] and

Acounts.in [Outsources accounting and GST services for small business]

What currently are you doing?

Hey, talking to you buddy!

Jokes apart.

Currently, I work as Sr. Digital marketer in the Parikh info solution, and apart from my 10 to 6 job I do digital marketing freelancing.

Don’t ask me why I do the job.


Actually, you can!


Now you are my friend.

I do the job to survive and to learn and explore more…


Yes, It’s simply my name.

This blog I created to share my thought, experience, and to help small businesses with their online presence.